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Computer Access

VICTORIA In-call access; re: unimpeded access to the courts – Knight v Hastings & Anor [2010] VSC 99 (3 May 2010)Removal of property – Coulston v Wise & Ors [2010] VSC 135 (21 April 2010) NEW SOUTH WALES Successful – judicial review of decision not to allow use of computer in-cell: Middleton v Commissioner of Corrective Services of NSW and …

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Academic Work

Classic academic works: Phillip Zimbardo – Stanford Prison Experiment: Divided experimental subjects into guards and prisoners Stanley Cohen Howard Becker


LEGAL Darebin Community Legal Centre – advocacy, information and advice to men and women in prison Mental Health Resource Centre – Inside Out Federation of Community Legal Centres – peak body of Victoria’s CLCs Victoria Legal Aid – Operates a prison advice service Public Interest Law Clearing House – facilitates pro bono legal services, advocates …

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Other fact sheets

This section contains links to fact sheets and pamphlets available on the web, organised by topic.   Human rights Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System in Victoria – MHLCVoting rights for prisoners – Victorian Electoral Commission   For families of prisoners Prison: What now? A guide for the family and friends of prisoners – …

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Prison rules

In addition to the criminal law there are rules at prisons that may give rise to disciplinary action.  These are determined by the Corrections Act, Corrections Regulations, Directors’ Instructions, and local operating procedures.  You should be made aware of the rules of the prison on admission.  If not you should ask for a copy of …

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Being released

The ‘Transitional Assistance Program’ is offered to everyone within 6 months of release.  The program should provide information about community based programs to assist in your release. Informational sessions may also be run at the prison on topics such as drug and alcohol treatment services, accommodation, employment, education and legal issues. Multiple and complex needs …

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Separation orders

A separation order is a disciplinary measure used to maintain the “good order, security and discipline” of the prison.  If an incident occurs, or you face a disciplinary decision where there is a loss of all privileges, an order for your separation to “the slot” (management unit) may be made.  The order must be in …

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Trust Accounts

Everyone has an account with their money in it.  This account is split up into 4 parts: (1)    Spend Account: you can use this at the shop or canteen (2)   Set-Aside Account: you can transfer money to this so you have funds for a special spend item, like runners (3)    Withheld Account: this is a …

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Remand and reception

Arriving at prison The reception process into a prison, any prison, will probably be the most intimidating you will experience. You will be strip-searched by prison officers and you may be medically examined, weighed, measured and photographed.  Reasonable force and disciplinary procedures may be used if you refuse to comply with being searched.  You will …

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