Prison Fact Sheets


Prisoners are able to apply for leaves from prison for a number of reasons.  All leaves are called ‘Custodial Community Permits’, but there are two types of leaves.  The first are called ‘Corrections Administration Permits’, and the second type are ‘Rehabilitation and Transitional Permits’. Corrections Administration Permits These leaves are for: Health – medical – …

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Prisoner rights

You are basically entitled to the same rights as other citizens, but this is subject to the Corrections Act and Regulations and Local Prison Operational Instructions.  As the law seeks to balance security and welfare concerns of people in prison, you are entitled to the rights that are consistent with the good order, management and …

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Freedom of information

Any individual may obtain information held by government agencies like Corrections Victoria under the Freedom of Information Act, unless the document is exempted or excluded from disclosure.  There is a lot of information that they may not disclose to you under an FOI application, and the sort of reasons for information being exempt includes that …

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Health Services Commissioner and conciliation

  [note: this fact sheet is extracted form the Health Services Commissioner website] You may complain to the Health Services Commissioner about a health service provider who has: Failed to provide satisfactory care. Failed to provide enough information or denied your right to choose. Denied you respect, dignity or privacy Been negligent or unprofessional or …

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You are entitled to one half-hour non-contact or box visit with your friends or family each week.  For a person to visit they need to be on your Approved Visitor list.  As soon as you are in prison you should put in a visit list with the names, addresses and birth dates of people who …

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