Being released

The ‘Transitional Assistance Program’ is offered to everyone within 6 months of release.  The program should provide information about community based programs to assist in your release. Informational sessions may also be run at the prison on topics such as drug and alcohol treatment services, accommodation, employment, education and legal issues. Multiple and complex needs clients might also be assigned a case manager or worker to assist in the transition (see below for contacts).


You should be notified at least seven days before you will be released, if the Prison Manager has sufficient notice. The Manager must make sure all your money and property is returned to you. Any person who has served seven days or more in prison is entitled to two weeks payment of Special Benefit from Centrelink. To obtain this on release, you will need to obtain the form from the prison authorities who need to stamp the form. An immediate benefit will be payable when this is presented to Centrelink


Adult Parole Board 9094 2111

Australian Community Support Organisation / Employment Directions 9413 7000

Centrelink 13 28 50

Link Out 9413 7000

Women’s Integrated Support Program (WISP) 9687 4997

VACRO 9605 1900

REFER also the VACRO’s “Getting Out” publication.

Further information

This fact sheet contains general information only and is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice. If you would like advice regarding a specific problem please contact one of the legal services listed in contacts or contact the Law Institute of Victoria’s Legal Referral Service on 9607 9311.

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